Pioneer Generation Package: Know the benefits

Updated: 07 Mar 2016
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To recognise and honour the contributions of Singapore’s Pioneer Generation towards nation-building, the Government has introduced the Pioneer Generation Package that provides them with several forms of healthcare support. About 450,000 Singaporeans will benefit from this package. The intent is to give them greater assurance so that they do not have to worry about healthcare costs in their golden years.

Who is eligible?

The Pioneer Generation is defined as living Singaporeans who meet these 2 criteria:

  • Born on or before 31 December 1949
  • Became a Singapore citizen before 1 Jan 1987
If you belong to the Pioneer Generation, there is no need for you to apply for the Pioneer Generation Package. You would have already received a letter in Jun 2014.

The benefits

The package provides the following benefits, which you will enjoy for life:

Outpatient care

Effective Sep 2014:
If you... You will receive...
Visit a polyclinic Additional 50% off subsidised services and medication
Visit a Specialist Outpatient Clinic
Visit a Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) clinic Subsidies on treatments or services for:
  • Common illnesses
  • Some chronic conditions
  • Selected dental services 
  • Health screening
Have moderate to severe functional disabilities & permanently need help in at least 3 daily activities (such as eating, bathing & dressing) Cash of $1,200 a year, under the Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme


  • The Pioneer Generation card will be sent automatically to your registered NRIC address by Sep 2014. It is valid for life.
  • Bring your Pioneer Generation card & NRIC for your visits to the CHAS clinics, polyclinics & Specialist Outpatient Clinics to enjoy the subsidies.
  • Subsidised treatment at Specialist Outpatient Clinics requires a doctor’s referral from a polyclinic or CHAS General Practitioner.

Medisave top-ups

Starting Jul 2014, the package provides top-ups to your Medisave account each year:

If you are born in... You will receive an annual top-up of...
1945–1949 $200
1940–1944 $400
1935–1939 $600
1934 & earlier $800

MediShield Life

Additionally, you will receive special premium subsidies for your MediShield Life premiums on top of the Medisave top-ups mentioned above. 

If you are born in... You will...
1935–1949 and fully insured under MediShield previously Pay half the amount of premiums as compared to MediShield.
1934 & earlier Have your premiums fully covered

How to use your Pioneer Generation Card

Who to contact

For more information on the Pioneer Generation Package, please contact:

Pioneer Generation
Tanjong Pagar Post Office, P.O. Box 684, Singapore 910817
Mon–Fri: 8.00 am–5.30 pm
T: 1800 222 2888