National Service: Exit permit requirements

Updated: 28 Mar 2017
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National servicemen, pre-enlistees and regular servicemen must apply for an exit permit before they make extended overseas trips.

Tips for MINDEF/SAF personnel

You can apply, extend, or cancel your exit permit using MyNSAdmin mobile app. Download MyNSAdmin from Apple App Store and Google Play

When do I need an exit permit?

Depending on the stage of your National Service and the duration of your planned overseas trip, you may need to apply for an exit permit or post a bond before you travel.

Pre-enlistment: 13 – 16.5 years of age

Time overseas Requirements
3+ months Exit permit
2+ years Exit permit + bond

Pre-enlistment: 16.5 years of age and older

Time overseas Requirements
3+ months Register for NS + exit permit + bond

Full-time National Service (NSF)

Time overseas Requirements
3+ months Exit permit

Operationally-ready National Service (ORNS)

Time overseas Requirements
14+ days Overseas notification
6+ months Approval by your NS unit + exit permit

Regular servicemen

Time overseas Requirements
3+ months Exit permit, if your Minimum Term of Engagement (MTE) is not complete (NSmen who have completed their MTE term need not apply for exit permits for trips less than 3 months in duration)
6+ months Exit permit

When do I need prior approval for my overseas trip?

You need prior approval from your NS unit if:

  • Your trip is shorter than one year and you have been scheduled for NS training during this period; or
  • Your trip duration is a year or longer and your NS training date is less than 6 months from your exit permit application date.

When do I need to post a bond?

Pre-enlistees may need to post a bond before they can travel overseas. The bond can be one of the following, whichever is higher:

  • $75,000 banker's guarantee, or
  • 50% of the combined annual gross income of both parents for the preceding year.

Services & tools

Notify MINDEF of your overseas trip
For trips longer than 14 days but shorter than 6 months. Notification by SMS is available.
Apply for exit permit
Required for extended overseas travel.