Kick-start your career with Home Team: Scholarships & awards

Updated: 15 Jul 2015
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If you are a motivated individual seeking a meaningful career where you can play an active part in serving the nation, consider joining the Home Team. Offering unique and value-adding experiences, they encourage applicants with excellent academic results and physical fitness to join them through a range of scholarships and awards that subsidise the cost of higher education as a means to kick-starting their career.

Who are the Home Team

The Home Team is made up of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) headquarters, 7 Home Team departments and 2 statutory boards. The departments involved in the scholarships and awards offered are the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Singapore Prison Service (SPS).

Learn more about the Home Team departmentsand what is expected of a Home Team officer.

Scholarships offered

The Home Affairs Uniformed Services (HUS) offers 5 scholarships for candidates who hold GCE ‘A’ Level certification, or an International Baccalaureate (IB), or a Polytechnic Diploma, or a Polytechnic Diploma (with Merit), or an equivalent qualification; and are interested in developing careers with a foundation of work experience in the Home Team.

The 5 scholarships are:

  • Singapore Police Force (Overseas) Scholarship (SPFOS)
  • Singapore Merit Scholarship (SMS)
  • Singapore Government Scholarship (SGS)
  • Local Merit Scholarship (LMS)
  • Home Team Local Study Award (HTLSA)

They cover tuition and approved fees required to pursue degrees in most disciplines except Architecture, Dentistry and Medicine. Candidates seeking to pursue Engineering, Mathematics, Science and Technology courses will be given priority. Depending on the scholarship, the following may be provided as part of the package:

  • Fees for local or reputable overseas university
  • Allowance for living expenses
  • Allowance for school & course materials
  • Airfare for vacation attachment programme (if applicable)
  • Sponsorship for exchange programmes (if applicable)
  • Sponsorship for Masters programmes (SPFOS, SMS & SGS only)
  • Opportunities for vacation attachment & developmental programmes (HTLSA only)
  • Full salary for duration of studies (SPFOS & SMS only)

Here’s an overview of the HUS scholarships:

Career interest SPF Home Team
  • Singapore citizen or permanent resident intending to take up Singapore citizenship
  • Polytechnic Diploma (with Merit)
Polytechnic Diploma
GCE ‘A’ Level or IB or equivalent
  • Good co-curricular activities record
  • Good physical fitness
  • Excellent performance in Officer Cadet School
Good performance in National Service
  • 6 years in English speaking countries,
  • or
  • 5 years in non-English speaking countries
4 years

Applications are accepted starting Sep. Find out more about the actual dates and apply at the Public Service Commission scholarships gateway.

If you are interested or want to know if you are eligible, find out more about the HUS scholarships.

Awards offered

Home Team offers also awards to students keen to further their education at any of the 5 local polytechnics or at ITE. The 3 awards are:

  • HOME Merit Award (Poly)
  • HOME Study Award (Poly)
  • HOME Award (ITE)

Depending on the award, the following may be provided as part of the package:

  • Tuition fees
  • Annual allowance (up to $12,000)
  • Study bonus (polytechnic students only)
  • Grant for development programmes (HOME Merit Award (Poly) only)

Here’s an overview of the HOME Awards:

HOME Merit Award (Poly) HOME Study Award (Poly) HOME Award (ITE)
Career interest HUS or Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA)
  • Singapore citizen
  • Be medically and physically fit, with at least a “pass” in National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA)
  • Good GCE ‘O’ Level or National ITE Certificate (NITEC) or Higher NITEC results
  • Already accepted by a local polytechnic
ITE students with good Higher NITEC results for year 1
Bond 4 years 3 years
Application window
  • 1 Mar to 31 May (existing polytechnic students or those awaiting admission)
  • 1 Oct to 30 Nov (graduating students)
1 Nov to 31 Dec

For more information or to apply, visit HOME Award (Polytechnic).

For more information or to apply, visit HOME Award (ITE).