Getting a driving licence for motorcars (Class 3, 3A)

Updated: 10 Apr 2014
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To obtain a Class 3 or 3A driving licence for motorcars, you should take driving lessons by enrolling in a licenced driving school or engaging a licenced private driving instructor.


You must be aged 18 years and above before you can apply for a driving licence. 

Motorcar driving licences at a glance

Both Class 3 and 3A driving licences apply to:

  • Vehicles with unladen weight weighing 3,000 kg or less (max 7 passengers with one driver)
  • Other vehicles with unladen weight not exceeding 2,500 kg.

However, there are differences between the Class 3 and Class 3A licences.

With a Class 3 licence,

  1. You can drive a car with manual transmission and a clutch pedal;
  2. You can also drive an automatic transmission vehicle (Class 3A); and
  3. A Class 3 licence is required to apply for a Class 4 or Class 4A licence.

With a Class 3A licence,

  1. You can drive a car with an automatic transmission and without a clutch pedal;
  2. You cannot drive manual transmission vehicles (Class 3); and
  3. You cannot use a Class 3A licence to apply for a Class 4 or Class 4A licence.


Process for obtaining a Class 3 or 3A licence

How to sign up for driving theory tests (basic/final)

You can book the basic and final driving theory tests at any of these driving schools:

Note that you must pass the basic driving theory test before you can obtain a provisional driving licence (PDL) as well as take the final driving theory test.

How to sign up for the practical driving test

After you complete your driving lessons, you must pass the Traffic Police’s official practical driving test in order to obtain your driving licence. You can sign up for the test at any of these driving schools:

How to collect your driving licence

Once you pass the practical driving test, you can apply for a driving licence at the Traffic Police Counter of any driving school. Please provide the following:

  1. A matt-finish passport-size colour photograph of yourself against a white background; and
  2. A fee of $50.

The driving licence will be mailed to you by registered post. You are allowed to driving in Singapore while you wait for your driving licence to be delivered to you.

How to replace your driving licence

You need to replace your driving licence if you:

  1. Misplaced or lost your driving licence
  2. Your licence has been defaced or damaged to the extend the information or photo cannot be read
  3. You have change from a Foreign to a Singapore ID
  4. You have changed your name or other personal information written on the photocard driving licence

Replacement of driving licence has to be done personally at the Traffic Police Department, No.10 Ubi Ave 3 Singapore 408865. When applying for replacement, please bring along your:

  1. NRIC/ Passport/ Work pass/ Residence pass
  2. a matt/semi-matt finish passport-size colour photograph with white background.
  3. A processing fee of S$25


  • Any update of residential address need only be done through the Immigration and Customs Authority (ICA).
  • A Police Report is required for 3rd and subsequent replacement

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